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WAW Voice

WithAfghanWomen is building the first
Afghan online chain to support Afghan women and people.

Afghan activists, influencers, journalists and people are entrusting us with their authentic voice,
so all together we can make it stronger.

They are #WAWvoice

We’ll keep spreading their word, advocating for their rights, sharing their feelings and thoughts and denouncing their conditions.

In a world where we are more connected and at the same time disconnected than ever, we hope to make real human connections the driving force for change.


Marjana Sadat

Marjana Sadat is a journalist, host of Dw News, contributor for La Repubblica, she is the founder of Sara Design.

She strongly believes women in Afghanistan are the symbol of bravery and courage. We want to give her all our support , we want to spread her voice and the voice of all Afghan women.

Manizha Maidanwal

Manizha Maidanwal is an Afghan activist, she believes the world is leaving all Afghans behind to be killed.


We want to support her and all Afghan women, we want to spread her voice.

Sadaf Rahim

Sadaf Rahim is a model, influencer, and activist. She aspires to be an actress.

She moved to India because of the unstable life situation in Afghanistan. Now she is part of our team and wants to raise the voice of the women stuck in her motherland.

Khatera Khan

Khatera Khan is an Afghan screenwriter and producer.

Her script, which is based on her journey from Afghanistan to Germany, is going to be directed by the Indian Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap and produced by Nurhan Sekerci Porst (Golden Globe winner for the Movie “In the Fade”).

She was about to travel to Afghanistan for research, however COVID and the recent Taliban takeover has since stopped her.